2014 National Youth Concerto Competition

of Entry
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Conditions of Entry

1.    Applicants must be string players aged 17 years or under on 12 October 2014. Tertiary students are not eligible to enter.

2.    Entry is restricted to Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia who have been resident for at least 12 months prior to the closing date of 30 June 2014.

3.    Winners of previous NYCCs may not enter. Applicants to previous NYCCs may not repeat the same works unless they can show that they have exhausted the repertoire for their instrument.

4.    Applicants submit an un-edited (within any movement) compact disc. No other audio format will be heard. Piano accompaniment is required where applicable. Audition works must include the following:

    A    A complete concerto of the applicant’s choice.
    B    Violin - The first and any other movement of one of
        J. S. Bach’s solo sonatas or solo partitas.
        Viola & Cello - The first and any other movement of one of J. S. Bach’s solo suites for cello.
        Double Bass - Two contrasting movements from one of J. S. Bach’s solo suites for cello.

    C    Violin, Viola & Cello - Two own choice pieces; one from each of the 19th and 20th/21st centuries.
        Double Bass - Piece of own choosing, in contrasting style to the selected Bach solo suites.

5.    Applicants should ensure that the recording submitted is of the highest possible quality. Works are to be recorded in order (ie. concerto first) and listed on the CD cover with approximate durations. Please DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE CD OR ITS CASING. Recordings will not be returned.

6.    QYO retains all broadcasting and recording rights for NYCC performances.

7.    Applicants must supply:
    a.  Proof of Australian residence (copy of birth certificate or passport)
    b.  Resumé and 150-word biography
    c.  Proposed recital program (20 minute limit)
    d.  $40.00 entry fee (cheque or money order payable to QYO)
    e.  CD recording as per conditions 4 & 5 above

8.    Applications close Saturday 30 June 2014 (date of porstmark).

    Please post applications to:    

        NYCC Coordinator
        Queensland Youth Orchestras
        PO Box 40
        Royal Brisbane Hospital  Qld  4029


Recital Program Information

Recitals are presented at various public venues and schools throughout Brisbane during the NYCC Finals Week (5 to 12 October 2014).

QYO advises entrants to choose suitable repertoire for these recitals. Programs should be showy and interesting to listen to, and individual pieces should not exceed five minutes. Long sonata movements are to be avoided. Recital programs should be accurately timed and must not exceed the 20 minute time limit. For some recitals, the program might have to be shortened to 10 or 15 minutes.



For additional enquiries, please contact the NYCC Coordinator, Eva Mowry Lewis:
Ph: (07) 3257 1191     Fax: (07) 3257 1159   Email: info@qyo.org.au