Best of Brass

The 2015 QYS Concert Series opens with brass quintet Best of Brass. Book your tickets from QPAC or phone 136 246. More info here.

Concerts at Twilight

The QYO Concerts at Twilight features QYO orchestras and ensembles, and guest ensembles. More info here.

2015 NYCC

Applications are now open for the 40th National Youth Concerto Competition (NYCC). More info here.


QYO is a world class youth orchestra organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. 7 orchestras and ensembles with 470 musicians aged from 8 to 24 perform over 50 concerts each year:

Queensland Youth Symphony
Queensland Youth Orchestra 2
Queensland Youth Orchestra 3
Junior String Ensemble
Wind Symphony
Wind Ensemble
Big Band



Auditions for 2015 have ended, but if you missed the auditions and are interested in becoming a QYO member in 2015, please see the ‘vacancies list’ below.

Alto Clarinet: WS
Double Bass: QYO3
Trombone: QYO3 & WE
Tuba: QYO3 & WE
Viola: QYO3